Brain Training: A Class Description

Did you know that people like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Leonardo

 Da Vinci and many of today’s top CEO’s have had problems in school?  Brain Integration issues are not a matter of intelligence, but they are a “wiring problem”.

 Brain Integration Therapy or BIT, is a systematic approach to helping people with issues related to missed wiring in their brains.  Missed wiring can happen during birth trauma, illness, attachment challenges or genetic propensity to name a few causes.  By using physical movement exercises based on research, we are able to retrain the brain to function the way it was designed and intended to. 

Come hear Jaynee Hodgkins,  speak on Brain Integration Therapy where you will:

•  Find out how you and your child are wired to learn and to deal with stress.

•  Learn exercises to get all parts of the brain “talking” so that learning and coping are less 

of a stressor.

•  Receive parenting tools for raising your spirited or especially sensitive child.


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