Reading Activity Helps

Suggested Activities to Improve Reading Fluency, Decoding and Comprehension: Session One Handout



  • Listen to a book on tape while you      follow along with the book.       Libraries have these in teen sections/children’s sections/adult      sections.


  • Read aloud into a tape recorder and      listen to your voice reading.


  • Listen to audio books on tape/CD while      driving or settling down before sleep.       Castle Rock Library now offers audiobooks on MP3 as well.


  • Web site   offers free downloadable novels and      classic literature for MP3 files.


  • Obtain Language Roots game at a local      bookstore.  Understanding the Greek      and Latin roots for words assists in the decoding of words.  For example, understanding meanings of      prefix/suffix’ such as “un” and “ed” will assist you in      spelling/comprehension/phonics.


  • When overwhelmed by text on the computer      screen, you can click “tools” and then under that click on      “autosummarize”.  This will give you      several options such as a) summarize the article, b) highlight the key      parts in yellow, c)etc.


  • PHONEMIC AWARE-NESS Phonemic awareness is the ability to notice, think about and work with the individual sounds in spoken words. The first level in pho-nemic awareness is hearing and recognizing rhyming words. Nurs-ery rhymes are a fun way for the younger kids to achieve this and reading and composing rhyming poetry will build this skill for the older kids. Have fun and keep on reading!


  • Before taking a test on reading material, read through the material several times.  The first time through after lecture, highlight the information you did not remember in a light color like yellow.  The second time through, highlight the information you did not recall THIS time in a slightly darker color, and so on and so on.  Lastly, just focus on what is only highlighted.  In this way, you will activate your visual memory with color, repetition and so forth.


  • The goal is to enjoy reading so let them read anything:  Magazines ; series on a favorite topic (Ask librarians for ideas); book club as a family; books on tape on family trips


Jaynee Hodgkins Brain Integration Specialist Effective February, 2011


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